September 28th, 2015

Kick-off Meeting of CardioPaTh

Presentation of the CardioPaTh program - E. Barbato

- Novel therapeutic strategies to the treatment of heart failure - M. Vanderheyden 

- Novel therapeutic strategies to the treatment of ischemic heart disease - S. Windecker 

Novel therapeutic strategies to hypertension and translational approach to cardiovascular disease - G. Lembo

Novel therapeutic strategies to peripheral vascular disease - T. Tesorio

Novel non-invasive imaging approaches to cardiovascular diseases - M. Galderisi


September 12, 2016

Workshop: Fabri disease

15:00: Introduction to the workshop – Guido Iaccarino

15:10: Molecular alterations and clinical manifestation of the Fabry Disease – Antonio Pisani

15:40: Cardiac phenotypes in childhood and adults – Letizia Spinelli

16.10: The Pharmacological Chaperone Migalastat HCl May Offer a Dual Approach to Treat Fabry Disease– Ken Valenzano

16:40: Discussion and conclusion – Guido Iaccarino, Giovanni Esposito, Nicola de Luca, Emanuele Barbato