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Titolo del corso CFU Ore Docente Anno
Preclinical models of cardiovascular disease Alteration of endothelial function in cardiovascular diseases. Molecular mechanisms of heart failure 1 25 Prof. Michele Ciccarelli 1
Acute aortic syndrome
Post implantation syndrome
Pulmonary pressure response exercise
Insights from the International Ref gistry Acute Aortic Dissection (IRAD)
1 25 Prof. E. Bossone 1
Hypertensive Urgencies and Emergencies
Benefit of Physical activity and cardiorehabilitation
Echo and fluid balance in ICU
CardioVascular Emergency Organization
1 25 Prof. N.De Luca 1
Role of sex and gender in preclinical models of cardiovascular disease
Role of gut microbiota in cardiovascular health and disease
Induced pluripotent stem cells in cardiovascular disease
1 25 Prof. C. Perrino 1
Unexaplined left ventricular hypertrophy: genetic and clinical aspects
New medical treatments in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Amyloidosis aTRR: wt and genetic disease
Fabry-Anderson disease
The restrictive cardiac pathophysiology: implication for the correct medical treatment
1 25 Prof. M. Losi 1
Impact of physical activity and exercise on the physiology of the Musculoskeletal system
Assessment of physical needs
The prescription of adapted physical activity
The impact of prescription in the main chronic pathologies
1 25 Prof. G. Iaccarino 2
Obesity and heart failure
Insulin resistance and hypertension
Vitamin d and insulin resistance
1 25 Prof. C. Morisco 2
COVID-19 and endothelial function: from the lab to clinical trials
Ketone bodies in heart failure
Calcium: from arrhythmias to diabetes
SGLT2 inhibitors and cardiovascular health
1 25 Prof. G. Santulli 2
New atrial fibrillation ablation techniques
Percutaneous closure of the auricula in the prevention of cardioembolic risk
Treatment of cardiac disorders in patients with heart failure
Modulation of cardiac contractility in the treatment of heart failure
1 25 Prof. A. Rapacciuolo 2


The lessons will be held in the months of March and October with one of the following methods based on the progress of the Covid-19 health emergency:

a) REMOTELY on the University digital platform Microsoft Teams,
b) IN THE PRESENCE in the "Condarelli" Hall (Building 2, Ground Floor). The definitive modalities together with the calendar with dates and times will be communicated via email to all PhD students.