University Procedures

Appointment of the Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is proposed by the Academic Council. It can be composed by the PhD programme Coordinator, by the Campus coordinators, and by the curricula coordinators of the 3 campi.

Research grant

The PhD student will receive a research grant for the entire duration of the CardioPath programme. The research grant is yearly renewable, provided that the student has successfully completed the research activities foreseen as certified by the Supervisor and/or Co-supervisor. The research grant is paid on a monthly basis according to the Ministry act of 18/06/2008, published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 241 (14/10/2008).

The research grant is subjected to the social contribution for pension plan “INPS”, of which 2/3 will be paid by the University and 1/3 will be paid by the PhD student.

Amount of the research grant (only as indication, subject to changes) during the PhD course:


Research Grant
(Yearly, gross)


INPS contribution
charged to Student

Monthly wage

Year 2016, €.





Year 2017, €.





Year 2018, €.






As of the second year of the PhD course and subject to resource availability, an additional budget is warranted to the PhD student (minimum 10% of the grant) for research activities.

In case the PhD student is allowed to spend a research period in a Host Institution (not in the Country of residence of the student), the basic research grant is increased of up to 50% for a maximum of 18 months. The student is exempted by the payment of the University taxes with the exception of a regional tax contribution (in general around 140 €/yearly).

Research grants of the PhD programme are subject to rule and regulations as detailed in the following document.


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