The CardioPath programme promotes training and research within emerging fields of cardiovascular pathophysiology, diagnostics and therapeutics. It operates within research centers of excellence and promotes the integration of translational research and clinical practice.

Our campus sites are characterized by:

• Scientific excellence of their groups
• State-of-art centralized facilities
• Strong connection to clinical practice
• Strong international vocation
• Excellent publication records

This practical learning program is made possible thanks to the wide availability of instrumental resources and advanced technologies in the laboratories of the related university departments. Furthermore, the training/experimental path foresees the inclusion of all PhD students in departmental research projects with the aim of enabling them to acquire the experimental skills typical of the relevant Curriculum and promoting the participation of PhD students in collaborative research projects.

As part of the didactic-scientific activities, PhD students will spend a study and advanced research stay at prestigious university and research institutions in the USA and Europe.


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